9 November- 2nd Call to Europe

Today, more than 83 companies and organisations join force to send a clear message to decision makers to protect the existing UHF spectrum. The Wider Spectrum Group  fully supports this initiative, and many of our members have also joined that action individually. This call to Europe takes place in a series of national, multi national and European initiatives united under the banner "Call to Europe Week", which was opened yesterday with the Wider Spectrum Group event in Brussels and online.

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8 November 2022 – Graphic Summary of Wider Spectrum Group Event

A good picture is worth 1000 words, as demonstrated by Cartoonist Alix Garin from Cartoonbase.com at the Event organized on 8 November by the Wider Spectrum Group.

8 November 2022

"Broadcasting and PMSE need preservation of the current rules (no change) regarding the allocation of the UHF band"

Statement by the Wider Spectrum Group released at the Event "Frequencies for a Creative and Inclusive Europe- EU's way to WRC-23

Statement WSG Nov 2022 final

8 November 8:45-10:00 Wider Spectrum Group Breakfast Event

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Brussels & Online

European Broadcasting Union Brussels office (Av. des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels)

8 November 2022 | 08:45am - 10:00am CET


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12 August 2022

The Wider Spectrum Group answers the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) public consultation on the preparation of the WRC-23. The response is focused on Agenda Item 1.5 of WRC-23, dealing with the UHF band. The conclusion of our response is "Among the options considered by RSPG, the first one with No Change with a possible agenda item for WRC-31 is the most aligned with the interest of the European viewers and listeners, workers and companies in the Content and creative industry. While the Wider Spectrum Group is not asking for another discussion in 2031, the Wider Spectrum Group believes that this option of RSPG would respect the EU UHF Decision."

The full response is available at the following link Response to RSPG consultation on WRC-23 Wider Spectrum Group final

24 July 2022

The Wider Spectrum Group answers the  Commission's call for evidence in preparation of a WRC-23. This initiative aims to establish a common EU position to be negotiated by Member States on behalf of the EU at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2023.

In this matter where the EU long-term policy is defined with no ambiguity by a recent co-decision (1) of the Parliament and Council, it is essential that Europe speaks with one voice in international negotiations. The preparatory process described by the Commission in this call for evidence is very important. The Wider Spectrum Group is calling for the Commission, EU institutions and Member States’ representatives to actively support at WRC-23 a No Change to the Radio Regulations affecting the 470-694 MHz band, and to oppose a co-primary allocation to mobile, even with a deferred entry into force.

(1) Decision (EU) 2017/899 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017 on the use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band in the Union

WSG - Answer to the Call for Evidence on World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 final

6 July 2022

Wider Spectrum Group welcomes two new national members, SPIO from Germany and Television Abierta from Spain.

SPIO is the umbrella association for German Film Industry, representing cinemas, film producers, film distributors, film tech companies. SPIO’s interest in spectrum issues is directly on  spectrum used for microphones and on stage, and indirectly because broadcasters are important partners for SPIO members,

Television Abierta (Open Television) is the Spanish coalition group made up of the main agents of Digital Terrestrial Television, a reflection of a global and plural impulse of all those who contribute to universal, free and free access television.

30 June 2022

European broadcasting and cultural industry call to Europe to secure UHF broadcasting spectrum

On June 30, 2022 – 57 associations and companies active in the broadcasting and cultural industry from 18 European countries have joined forces in a "Call to Europe" to urge policymakers and regulators to preserve the Lower UHF Band (470-694 MHz) for broadcasting and wireless production equipment (PMSE: Programme Making and Special Events).

The Wider Spectrum Group strongly supports this initiative, and many of the Wider Spectrum Group members also participate as individual organizations.

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9 June 2022

Presentation of the Wider Spectrum Group at the 17 European Spectrum Management Conference

Anita Debaere from Pearle* spoke on behalf of the Wider Spectrum Group in the session on the future of the 470-694 MHz UHF Band in Europe. She emphasized that "The frequencies for a creative Europe in the UHF Band must be clearly defended for the long term in European spectrum policy and in the ITU process"

Download the presentation ESMC 2022

30 March 2022

Declaration at the workshop on the Commission study on the Use of the Sub-700 MHz band

The principles behind the UHF band allocation are balanced and in line with the general interest. Now that the frequencies for the telco sector have been delivered, the frequencies in the UHF for a creative Europe must equally be clearly defended in EU spectrum policy and in the ITU process. Those frequencies are essential to secure content creation and delivery through broadcasting and PMSE, for the benefit of all.

Read the full declaration below

Declaration of the Wider Spectrum Group Vfinal2

05 January 2022

Response to the Public consultation on the Draft RSPG Work Programme for 2022 and beyond - In its response to the public consultation, the Wider Spectrum Group is watchful that the RSPG work programme takes full account of the letter and the intent of the relevant Union law, namely the UHF Decision, when addressing questions relative to the 470-694 MHz band. In particular the WSG comments on the EU preparation of WRC-23, including the necessary transparency, and on the proposed work item “Strategy on the future use of the frequency band 470-694 MHz beyond 2030 in the EU”.

Full response on RSPG Work Programme for 2022

23 June 2021

William Maunier from  UNI-MEI represented the WSG at a round table on a new spectrum roadmap for Europe -watch William around  1:21:06 and 1:49:30


Conference speaking points

26 March 2021

Response to the Public consultation on the Draft RSPG Opinion on a Radio Spectrum Policy Programme

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15 Octobre 2020

Celebrating the enduring value and relevance of Digital Terrestrial Television

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19 July 2018

Response to the Public consultation on the Draft RSPG Opinion on the ITU-R World Radiocommunication Conference 2019

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02 December 2016

Europe’s creative sector calls on policy makers to provide safeguards on UHF spectrum vital to sustaining free to air television and content creation

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21 June 2016

WSG statement on the Parliamentary Event hosted by Members of Parliament Stefano Maullu and Patrizia Toia “Growth of the European Cultural and Creative Sector: Why Spectrum Matters”

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29 February 2016

The Wider Spectrum Group (WSG) met with Andrus Ansip, the European Commission Vice President for the Digital Single Market, today to urge support for creative producers and distributors of European cultural content in upcoming EU legislation on the UHF frequencies.

“European content is at risk” says WIDER SPECTRUM GROUP

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30 November 2015

WSG Statement on the 2015 World Radio Conference (WRC 2015):

«Frequencies for the creative sector gain future regulatory certainty after World Radio Conference» welcomes the Wider Spectrum Group

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22 October 2015

Free-to-Air | Free to Create | Free to Grow. Wider Spectrum Group Brussels high-level conference featuring Pascal Lamy and Günther Oettinger as keynote speakers as well as Anthony Whelan (Director, DG Connect) and Kaja Kallas (MEP, ITRE Rapporteur on Digital Single Market report). Two panels bring together leading representatives from the media, creative and cultural space to discuss the importance of spectrum for the future of the EU's AV model and the sustainability and prosperity of its creative industries.

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27 July 2015

Wider Spectrum Group writes to Telecom Council Chair ahead of WRC-15 to support rejection of the co-primary allocation to the mobile service of the band 470-694 MHz in Europe


14 July 2015

Commissioner Oettinger appears before European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education, upholds Lamy report and the spectrum needs of broadcasting

Part 1

Part 2

15-16 June 2015

Members of the Wider Spectrum Group take part in the 10th Annual European Spectrum Management conference in Brussels


11 June 2015

Vice-President Andrus Ansip replies to WSG letter of April 29 2015


9 June 2015

Commission publishes the result of Lamy Consultation, 36 out of 96 stakeholder contributions submitted by “stakeholders from the creative and cultural industries, including broadcasting companies, broadcasting network operators, program making and special events (PMSE) manufacturers as well as art and audiovisual associations”

European Commission’s webpage

9 June 2015

MEP Michał Boni (EPP) asks EC precisions on the spectrum and implementation of Lamy report

Question pursuant to rule 130

Answer given by Mr Oettinger on behalf of the Commission

15 May 2015

Wider Spectrum Group grows 10 members strong as CEPI, DigiTAG, Digital UK and VLV come on board

More on CEPI, DigiTAG, Digital UK and VLV here

12 May 2015

Question to Vice-President Ansip during European Parliament's Digital Single Market Intergroup - response focuses on Broadband but what of impact and potential for creative economy and jobs?


Response - Part 1

Response - Part 2

6 May 2015

Wider Spectrum Group asks Commission for greater clarity on and alignment of spectrum policy approach following DSM strategy publication

Press Release

29 April 2015

Wider Spectrum Group writes to President Juncker and Commissioners Ansip, Oettinger, Thyssen and Navracsics to outline concerns over treatment of spectrum in upcoming Commission Communication on the Digital Single Market

WSG Letter

13 April 2015

Wider Spectrum Group formally launches and calls for an EU spectrum policy that sustains and grows jobs and value for Europe's cultural and creative sector

Press Release

Shared Vision

12 April 2015

European Commission's Consultation on Lamy report closes. Members of the Wider Spectrum share their contributions

Access WSG contributions to EC consultation on Lamy Report


28 January 2015

Assembled in the European Parliament, employers and workers speak as one to call for an industrial policy for Europe’s creative and cultural industries, urge decision-makers to see the bigger picture on the spectrum

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Participant Pack