BNE is a trade organisation for Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators for Radio and TV in Europe based in Brussels. BNE’s 16 members operate in 19 European countries. Members are Cellnex (Spain), Arqiva (UK), České Radiokomunikace (Czech Republic), Digea (Greece), Elettronica Industriale (Italy), Emitel (Poland), JP ETV (Serbia), Media Broadcast (Germany), Norkring (Norway), OiV (Croatia), ORS (Austria), Swisscom Broadcast (Switzerland), Radiocom (Romania), 2RN (Ireland), TDF (France) and Teracom (Sweden). In addition, Terrestrial Network Operators in Belgium, Estonia, and Monaco are represented by their respective parent (and BNE member) company.

Public member details
Jean-Pierre Faisan (WSG coordination),
Josep Ventosa,