May 24, 2015

DigiTAG joins the Wider Group Spectrum


May 22, 2015

Digital UK joins Spectrum Strategy Group


May 22, 2015

A Digital Single Market does not mean a single solution for the future

Agence Europe

April 15, 2015

DIGITAL: Lamy Report - audiovisual sector counsels caution


Advanced Television 

April 30, 2015

Broadcasters call for EU DTT spectrum recognition

EBU calls for DTT spectrum safeguards

January 28, 2015

EU must see bigger picture on spectrum


Broadband TV News

May 5, 2015

BNE fears Lamy will be ignored


Corriere delle Comunicazioni

May 7, 2015

Digital Single Market, subito il refarming dei 700 Mhz


Digital TV

May 1, 2015

Broadcasters slam “few traces” of Lamy report in Digital Single Market proposal



May 8, 2015

Commission renews attempt to harmonise spectrum rules



May 6, 2015

Digital single market strategy: Stakeholders react


Fast and Wide

January 29, 2015

The Wider Spectrum calls for radio frequency action


La Lettre de l’Expansion

May 4, 2015

Plusieurs associations regroupées au sein du Wider Spectrum Group, ont adressé jeudi dernier à Jean-Claude Juncker un courrier pour défendre l’attribution des fréquences au secteur de l’audiovisuel.


Panorama audiovisual

29 January 2015

The cultural and creative industries in Europe are calling for preserving spectrum for radio and TDT



May 7, 2015

Critics: The Wider Spectrum Group (including broadcasters and journalists) think the Commission is incoherent on spectrum

WSG Member Press releases


28 January 2015

Employers and workers call for an industrial policy for Europe’s creative and cultural industries, urge decision-makers to see bigger picture on spectrum



13 April 2015

Spectrum : recognition of DTT as backbone of European audiovisual model in Lamy report is vital for viewers and broadcasters

28 January 2015

Spectrum: EU creative and cultural industry calls on decision makers to see bigger picture



20 April 2015

Europe's spectrum debate needs to respect media pluralism


28 January 2015

Call for an industrial policy for Europe’s creative and cultural industries

Cellnex (formerly Abertis)

15 April 2015

Wider Spectrum Group calls for an EU spectrum policy that sustains and grows jobs and value for Europe’s cultural

Other mentions of WSG activities and communications


30 January 2015

Creative industries urge EU to safeguard their spectrum allocation